Market Analysis Request

What is the value of your property?  


Whether you are selling a Home, Multi-family, Land, or Commercial property WE CAN HELP you determine the True Market Value.

Whether you use an Appraiser or a Real Estate Broker (Or Both),  you need to feel comfortable with your price before you list your property For Sale.   If you over-price, your property may sit on the market.  Or if you do get an offer, which is very possible in a Seller’s market when the economy is strong, the Appraiser’s value may have you negotiating the price again.  One of the values of a good Real Estate Broker is their ability to guide you in the right direction.  Their advice and negotiating skills will help you maximize your profit even when the Appraisal comes in low.  Under-pricing a property can cost you money.

No matter what type of Market exists,  your Real Estate Professional should advise you.   Review the information they have provided to you. This data should back up any opinion they may have.  If they have not provided you with a report, request one.  I always recommend getting at least a couple of opinions.   Feel comfortable with your listing price before you proceed!