Are you considering Selling your Home?

Now Is a GREAT time to sell your home!  It is a Sellers market!!!


YOU HAVE WORK TO DO!  It is important that your home LOOKS FABULOUS and is in TOP NOTCH CONDITION!  Fix it, clean it and dress it up.  Check out my blog “Preparing your Home To Sell”.  


This is were you need an appraiser or a knowledgeable REALTOR.  They will complete a report for you using properties from the multiple listing service and the court house records.  These active, pending and sold properties, similar to your property, will assist them with providing you with a strong list and sale price.  If you get advise from an agent that does not know how to price a property you may be costing yourself thousand of dollars.  So seek a knowledgable professional that you can trust.  


After you have a good price in mind and you know what you will net after you have paid all of your expenses.  Refer back to your budget. Know where your going and what you can afford.  Don’t live beyond your means.  I would rather live in a grass hut than worry about how I am going to afford my mortgage payment and eat too. Check out my Blog on Creating a Budget.


A good real estate agent will actually make you money.  This occurs during the pricing of your property, negotiation of the sale and monitoring the details of the closing.  It is sometimes what you don’t see that they do for you that is the most important.   Your first meeting with them should include their opinion of value.  A good Agent will impress you with their knowledge, experience and a detailed report.  If they cannot explain the report, send them on their way. Be on the look out for an agent that  ask the right questions, and answers all your questions before you even ask.  You are not looking for a friend, although a successful journey will create one.  A good Agent will always have your best interest at heart.  They know what to say and when to say it.  They do not get emotional in situations but where there is a problem they will be the solution provider.  They will be honest, even if it hurts. If your home smells like dirty socks, you really need to know it.  Your mothers yellow, orange and green couch really needs to go.   Understand?  Make a smart selection.  Oh By the way, I would be happy to assist you!



Your Agent will guide you through this process.  But I have noticed in this world of technology, that face to face meetings have disappeared. But even if you do meet with the Agent and he/she explains the offer,  read your offer line by line.  You are signing a contract that you will be legally responsible to uphold.  Offers are written in sections.  Each section describes a certain topic.  Read each section carefully.  Are you paying the Buyers Closing Costs? Buying a Home Warranty? When do you close?  When are you giving up possession? Are you paying the Buyer to stay in your home until you give them possession?  Once you have signed the contract, it is a done deal.  I have been yelled at by other agents because their Sellers did not realize they had to be out of their house before they get possession of their new home.  Their Agent dropped the ball but they did too. They signed the contract.  Everyone makes mistakes.  If you know what you are signing, it probably won’t be you. 


Before the closing you will receive a closing disclosure. This is a document that lists all the numbers associated with the cost of the transaction.  Your agent will review this document but you should also.  I always lay the purchase agreement beside the closing disclosure.  Make sure the numbers match.  If not, Call your agent or the title company.

The Buyer will want to do a final walk though prior to closing.  Be sure to complete any repairs before the walk through.  Provide a copy of any repair receipts to your agent and the Buyer prior to the closing.  

Leave detailed instructions or manuals for appliances, garage door openers, keyless entries, security system, HVAC system, irrigation system and pool systems.

Provide the Buyer with a utility list.  Do not shut them off.

At the closing. Each Seller must have a valid photo ID. Discuss anything that has not been addressed.  Utilities, possession date, exchanging of keys and garage door openers, security system and anything else the Buyer may need to know or have.