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Below you will find Blogs containing different subjects that pertain to Real Estate.  Such as Radon Gas, Lead Base Paint, Foundation Repair and many more.  Most of these Blogs will take you to other links that will provide you with more detailed information.  We have also included recommended Venders and Contractors.  These companies come highly recommended.  And of course,  we are just an email, text or phone call away if you would like to schedule an appointment to see a home, list a property or if you have any additional questions .  


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Lead Base Paint

Lead Base Paint was banned by the Federal Government in 1978.  Some states actually banned it sooner.  If a Property Owner sells or rents a home that was built prior to 1978, they must complete a Lead Base Disclosure Form disclosing whether they have any knowledge or reports of Lead Base Paint in their home/buildings.  The [...]

The Home Inspection Process

Home Inspections A home inspection is a professional, third-party inspection of a property that you intend to buy. Its goal is to evaluate the home from a structural and safety standpoint, as well as to ensure you’re buying a hazard-free, up-to-code property that’s a good investment of your dollars. Home inspections aren’t required, but there [...]

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