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Certainty Home Inspections  will be your home buying or selling advocate! We are committed to providing you with outstanding service. We’re highly experienced and extremely thorough. If you’re looking to buy or sell in the Southern Indiana or Louisville area, we can help!

Family owned and operated since 2005, we’ve served over 19,000 happy home buyers. At Certainty Home Inspections, we pride ourselves on being committed to following high standards and providing professional service to all of our customers.


Who We Are

Our Vision

Raising the industry standard by providing home buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals with the knowledge, resources, and reliable services needed to facilitate smooth home inspections, confident decisions, and successful transactions.


Certainty Home Inspections, as a company, values

C.hrist — We have a responsibility to love and serve others. Our actions, words and attitudes are a witness to His ministry. As a company who earns a living servicing homeowners, our outreach focus is assisting those without a home.

H.ealthy Attitude — We understand our attitudes and words directly affect the outcome of our day and life, so we focus on the positive and intentionally encourage one another. We make a conscious effort to approach each topic or person with solutions, not problems.

R.espect – Everyone we encounter, even someone who is treating us badly, will be treated with respect, patience, understanding, and kindness. We do not speak ill of others. We require others to treat our team the same. Our differences are celebrated as what makes us stronger.

I.ntegrity – We do what is right for clients, even when no one is watching, even when it hurts, and always without expecting thanks or recognition.

S.ervice – 100% effort in all we do, resulting in consistency our clients can count on, and service that delivers more than what we promise.

T.eam Enrichment – Our team is our family and we could not succeed without our employees. Therefore, our internal goal is to invest in and empower our employees to be the best version of themselves, for the sake of their families and futures. We care about one another, we spend time with each other’s families, and we are dedicated to actions we consider to be best for everyone involved.

This is not just a business model, but a way of life.


We walk through the door with a fresh, positive start to every day.

We acknowledge our blessings and our responsibility to “pay it forward.”

We own our attitudes, knowing our thoughts and words shape our day and that of those around us.

We rejoice in the success of others. There are plenty of blessings to go around.

Our team is our family. We share our successes, failures, blessings, and heartaches.

We invest in and encourage one another to help us reach our full potential in life.

We celebrate differences of opinion and approach, knowing our differences make us stronger.

We treat every person with respect, patience, understanding, and kindness, even those who mistreat us.

We do what is right, even when no one is watching, even when it hurts, and without expecting thanks or recognition.

We put 100% effort in all we do, creating consistency our clients can count on.

We create results, not excuses. We bring solutions, not problems.

We deliver more than we promise.

Certainty Home Inspections, serving Southern Indiana and the Louisville, Kentucky area. | Our experienced home inspectors can keep you from buying The Money Pit.

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