Preparing Your Home to Sell.


It is important to make your home look its best before putting it on the market.  Impressing the people that walk through your home will help you get an offer closer to your list price and sooner.  Here are some tips to help you get started. 

First take a look at your home.  Act like you are a potential buyer. Look at your home through buyers' eyes.  Start a list of things to do.  Then read below adding to your list as you go.


Let us begin outside were potential buyers decide if your  home is one they want to tour.  Most buyers will drive by your home before they call the real estate agent to request a showing.  Make that drive by Love at first sight!

Landscaping can make a home look stunning!  Make a trip to the nursery and add fresh mulch and  color to those flower beds. A landscaper might be a wise investment. Keep your lawn watered, mowed and trimmed.  Your yard should be free of debris.  Keep trash containers, lawn equipment and bicycles housed in your garage or behind the house.  Does your driveway, porch or deck need sealed? Clean out gutters.  Calk around windows and doors.  Completing any general maintenance items makes potential home buyers and home inspectors happy!

The front door is where the potential buyer(s) stand while the real estate agent is preparing to enter the home.  Try a fresh coat of paint or a good cleaning on your door and porch.  Anew welcome mat and a wreath adds an inviting touch.  Fresh flowers in a pot will add beauty and fragrance.


Reduce Clutter! Closets, cabinets, drawers, counter tops, book shelves, garages and storage sheds: Eliminate and Organize. ...